Quotes: Leicestershire, 1800, big Uk historian, Whig, Assistant away from War, poet

Quotes: Leicestershire, 1800, big Uk historian, Whig, Assistant away from War, poet

P9. step 1. I’d as an alternative getting poor in the a bungalow loaded with instructions than simply a master without any wish to understand. 2. Hint: Sleeping parrot. An excellent. Thomas Babington Macaulay B. Edward Gibbon C. Grams.Yards. Trevelyan D. H. Grams. Wells

10. Sci/Tech: To know heat, matter cricket chirps over 15 seconds, and include just what matter? Clue #1: Casey Stengel’s matter. Hint #2: If people are requested to determine a haphazard amount anywhere between 1 and you may a thousand, , this is actually the one which continuously contains the extremely votes. A good. ten B. fifteen C. 23 D. 37

P11. Sports: Four: step one. Ohio City, 1889, among just thirteen pitchers so you can profit 30+ video game for the a month [[34-5, Reddish Sox, 191dos). 2. Manoguayabo, Dominican Republic, 1999 pitching multiple crown [[gains, Point in time, SOs); in the 2004 assisted Red Sox winnings step one st WS inside the 86 decades. 3. Newport, KY, 1948, Boston Celtic center, one of merely 4 people to lead his party for the points, rebounds, facilitate, blocks, takes in one single 12 months. cuatro. The one you would like, Winthrop, MA, 1954, captain of your 1980 Olympics “Wonders for the Frost” hockey class. A great. Dave Cowens B. Mike Eruzione C. Pedro Martinez D. Smoky Joe Timber

A knowledgeable portraits are those where discover a slight blend of caricature

P12. Stage/Screen: Born within the Northamptonshire, United kingdom, 1886, named following the resting Pope, he had been Marley’s Ghost on the vintage 1938 Christmas Carol, butlers various other movies. Hitchcock set your from inside the 6 movies, however, he could be probably better remembered for being Cosmo Topper inside the Topper. A good. John Gielgud B. Alfred Pennyworth C. Leo Grams. Carroll D. Gordon Jackson

Art/Culture: Created when you look at the Providence, RI, inside 1874, artwork companion, patron of arts, the brand new power on facilities of the Museum of modern Art

P13. Even more Borrowing: Cosmo’s wife are clueless Henrietta, the spirits George and you will Marian Kerby. Your dog? An effective. Nick B. Nelson C. Neil D. Nathan

P1. The woman namesake grandchild was a power Having Female Liberation and you can not people to talk with a manners columnist. Good. Marjorie Merriweather Blog post B. Brooke Astor C. Abby Rockefeller D. Doris Duke

P2. Geo: Ashwell, The united kingdomt, in 1902, Beryl went out to Africa to be a plant airplane pilot, race- pony trainer, eventually author of an amazing memoir West to your Night, on the and that Hemingway said, “She has created so well, and ed of myself because the an author.” What nation? Hint: Blixen’s Ngong Hills. Good. Tanganyika [[Tanzania) B. Rhodesia [[Zimbabwe) C. Kenya D. Uganda

P3. History: Jarnac, 1916, Statesman commander from Socialist Group, served while the France’s President 14 age. Supporter of French Community; sank Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior. Hint: South African money. A beneficial. Franois Mitterand B. Charles de Gaulle C. Valry Giscard d’Estaing D. Georges Pompidou

4. Lang: Gothenburg [[Gteborg), Sweden, 1900, Uppsala U. grad., founded Spektum magazine, bringing Eliot and surrealists to Swedish audiences, poet: Spring Song: In springtime, in sprouting time, /the seed its shell destroys, /and rye becomes rye and pine becomes pine /in freedom without choice. A. Karin Boye B. Margot Hanel C. Britt G. navigate to the site Hallqvist D. Eva Strm Hint: An option otherwise container.

P5. Lit: Atlanta. 1945, blogged The good Santini regarding an excellent ily, predicated on his dad; and additionally authored The Prince regarding Tides. Hint: The second world war shipments. A great. James Hadley Chase B. Bryce Courtenay C. Pat Conroy D. Pat Barker

P6. Music: Naples, 1685 [[same 12 months just like the Bach, Handel), the new boy off an excellent baroque composer, author themselves, published 555 cello sonatas [[better, technically harpsichord and you may pianofortes.) Hint: Chi town thug. A. Vivaldi B. Puccini C. Bellini D. Scarlatti

P7. People: Arizona, D.C., 1919, politician; in the 1966, step 1 st Ebony popularly opted so you can U.S. Senate, no matter if a Republican in the Popular MA. For the 1973, step one st Republican to-name to possess Dicknose to help you resign. Hints: Poet regarding war sonnets, guy superstar, will not allow, I chosen for your. A beneficial. Ed Brooke B. Hiram Rhodes Revels C. Rowland W. Burris D. Tim Scott