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This means that the data is read digitally and it can be picked up from the flash memory in a fraction of the time needed for the hard drive to move the heads. STEP 3- Based on your requirements, choose any disk which you wish to scan & defrag. Depending on the amount of data stored on the disk, the process can take some time. STEP 1- To set automatic defragmentation on Windows 10, navigate to the Control Panel & change the view to Small Icons. Do note that the time to complete the process will depend on how long you have been using your PC. You will get a better idea of the degree of fragmentation under the “Current Status” label.

It works with external drives as well as internal disks, and you can defragment specific drives and folders. It has a benchmark tool to evaluate your performance improvements, and you can analyze drives to determine whether or not you need to run any defrag processes. Scheduling is supported, but the app can’t start defragmentations when your system is idle.

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In Awesome Screenshot, you can even use a Ctrl + Shift + E shortcut or manually open the menu to do this. Google Chrome doesn’t come with built-in screenshotting functionality, but there are plenty of great, free extensions available. In Windows 10, you also have access to the new and slightly improved Snip & Sketch app. Once it’s open, you can also use many shortcuts to work faster. WordPress cache clear There are several ways of deleting the WordPress cache. For Google Chrome, you could use Fireshot or Awesome Screenshot – the latter even allows you to take videos of your screen.

  • Disk Cleanup cleans up temporary files and other junk files you don’t need and is a quick alternative to the many more advanced startup cleaners available on Windows.
  • Tweak Library is a dedicated repository of information about technology.
  • I use a third party SSD tool (SSD Tool 0.9.5 works in XP/XP x64) once a month to get rid of left clutter from deleted files.

Disk Cleanup cleans up temporary files and other junk files you don’t need and is a quick alternative to the many more advanced startup cleaners available on Windows. With that said, there is no way for a defrag program running on your local PC to know which files are in use on the remote PC. As such, these operating system files on the remote PC would be considered “locked” because they are resident in memory, and thereforeunmovable. Since the defrag program running on your local PC can’t move certain files on the remote PC , the defrag would not be able to complete. By turning on scheduled optimization, you can select to have it done automatically at your choice of interval. Pick from daily, weekly, or monthly for the drives you choose.

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Defragging a solid state drive will typically gain no performance benefits2. Since there’s no head to move, there’s no additional time cost in fetching one chunk of data from a flash drive over any other. It doesn’t matter how the files are laid out; it’s all just as fast. Fragmentation represents just one problem that could cause a sluggish computer. We’d recommend looking at Glary Utilities Pro 5 or System Cleaner 7. If you decide to schedule your defragmentation, choose a time when you won’t need to use your computer.

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Let’s check out the two methods you can use for Bluetooth and other devices settings turn on. If you have bought your Windows 10 PC a long time ago and haven’t installed any updates, it is likely Bluetooth is playing up because of outdated drivers installed on your computer. In this case, the first thing you will need to do is update the drivers for Bluetooth on your PC.