How to Download Ultra Light Version of Badoo Lite for Old and Slow Phones – Free Apk

How to Download Ultra Light Version of Badoo Lite for Old and Slow Phones – Free Apk

Badoo lite is the light version of Badoo, it has fewer features but it is still ideal when it comes to meeting people online, this is a good alternative when we have an old mobile, we don’t even know what to do with it. In this app you can have almost all accessibility compared to the original app.

Make unlimited calls, meet new people and enjoy all benefits of Badoo, in this app you must keep in mind that to talk to other people, you must have verified their profiles with your phone number, via Facebook or, finally, via the photo authentication system built into the application.

With this light version you can also create a new profile from scratch, chat with anyone in the world you also use this app, safety comes first so you can be sure that only the information you prefer will be shown.

How to install it from the Play Store or the App Store?

The most important feature in choosing this app is its weight, as it is only 2 MB in totale, so you will not have problems if your phone has no space or if it is slow, if you have the full version installed by Badoo, you must first uninstall it, for this you will have to search for it on your device and hold it and drag it where it appears “Uninstall”.

Once deleted you have two options, the first is to download it directly from the App Store, in the case of iPhone or from Google Play Store, for this we open one of the two applications and enter “Badoo lite” in the search bar, it will appear as the first option and click.

Then in the upper right part, look for love ru the box that says “Install”, give a tap and it will indicate if we are sure to install it, give another tap and it will start the download, later it will be installed and we will have it on our device ready for use, we open the app and enter our account data.

How to install the app via an apk?

It could be the case that for some reason our terminal does not have the Play Store and we do not know how install the app, for this there is a solution, it can be performed via a computer or from the mobile phone itself, in the case of the PC browser, in the search bar we put «Badoo lite apk» we give and we will get several pages that have the app.

We proceed to download it and look for it in the “downloads” folder on our PC, then we copy it to our mobile via the USB cable, once we have the file we open it from the phone, we accept the terms and the app will be installed accordingly.

If we want to do this process directly from the mobile we have to open the browser we have by default, and search “Badoo lite apk”, a procedure very similar to that of the PC, with the difference that at the end of the download we will have it in the «Download folder« From our phone, through the »file manager« we can find it.

Maybe when we try to install it we get an error, if this happens, you need to go to settings, security and look for the option “Unknown sources” and we give it a tap, and with that you should enable the option to install apps manually like In this case, let’s go back to the folder where the app is located and try to install it again, and with that it would be ready for normal use .