Results from the research is described below

Results from the research is described below

Shopping for Scorpio at the end of one’s record is also unsurprising, as there can be a clash out of wills whenever this type of two pair right up, with each front side fighting to possess strength and handle when you look at the relationship

Traditional astrologers believe that Leos try really compatible with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius, and you may least suitable Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, and you can Pisces, exactly what perform some genuine relationship and you can divorce proceedings statistics say?

Mathematician Gunter Sachs (1998) presented a large-measure examination of sun cues, nearby almost one million people in Switzerland, which discovered mathematically high show to the enough actions and ) presented an equivalent investigation bbwdesire app in France using wedding statistics built-up between 1976 and you will 1997, which included more than half dozen billion marriage ceremonies.

Sachs found that Leo people wed Aries females usually inside Switzerland, and they are the very least browsing wed Aquarians and divorce proceedings Aries girls. Yet not, contrary to old-fashioned astrological facts, Leo males features an over-mediocre divorce or separation rates with Libra lady. Here’s an overall ranks off most frequent to least common marriages that have Leo men (* demonstrates as a result, mathematically extreme – put differently, the end result was too big in order to attribute to random possibility):

    1. Aries*
    2. Leo
    3. Scorpio

    Libras can be hugely flirtatious and you may Leos desire to be the fresh focus, making this you to you’ll end in having dating dilemmas

    Leo guys and you will Aries females is capable of doing really together with her as each other is extroverted, excitement-seeking, risk-providing, daring, and you will productive, so they elizabeth some thing. Each other generally have an innovative move also, so that they get bond more graphic pursuits.

    As for the base of your own listing, Leo and you may Aquarius have very absolutely nothing in common except if other issue within natal zodiacs much more compatible. Normal Leos try enjoying, caring, expressive, and intimate, while regular Aquarians is actually psychologically detached and you can independent. Leo will find Aquarius cooler and you may faraway, and Aquarius may find that Leo need too much interest and you may supplement. Although not, in the event that its ascendants otherwise moonlight cues be more compatible, those two can make an appealing fits.

    Just what is the reason the better-than-average separation statistic between the technically suitable signs and symptoms of Leo and you will Libra? As well as, Libras are peaceful and intellectual, able to see both parties out of difficulty, while Leos gravitate solidly to 1 side and you will protect it fiercely (and if Libra requires a simple stance unlike exterior that have the woman lover on each point, Leo can get look at this a work away from disloyalty).

    Castille discovered that Leo men from inside the France are probably so you can wed Leo women and you may least attending marry Scorpios. Let me reveal a total positions out of most frequent in order to minimum prominent marriage ceremonies which have Leo guys (* suggests that as a result, mathematically extreme):

    Viewing Leo at the top of record is actually not surprising, because a couple of Leos will in all probability express existence choice, perceptions, items, and you may ways regarding the industry.

    Definitely, when your two people have extremely appropriate rising cues or moonlight signs, opposing inclinations would be lessened and you will relationship candidates might be much most readily useful.

    Sachs located zero statistically tall outcomes for Leo ladies most likely matrimony partners, however, he performed discover he is least likely to get married Taurus people, which accords having old-fashioned astrological beliefs regarding Taurus-Leo being compatible. Leo females probably avoid Taurus guys with greater regularity while they come across the average Taurus too limited by practices and you may patterns (regardless if an effective Taurus whose ascendant is within a flames sign have a tendency to become more adventurous). Listed here is an overall ranks out-of popular to help you minimum prominent marriages having Leo women (* demonstrates that the result is mathematically significant):